10 Things I had to learn by myself (my mother never taught me):

i. Blame the person who hurts you, not yourself. Never blame yourself for not being what they wanted or not being “good enough.” You are made with perfectly flawed traits, stitched together to be loved unconditionally.

ii. Not everyone you love will love you back and the people who do love you, you won’t always reciprocate the feelings. But that doesn’t make them or you a bad person. You can’t love everyone and not everyone will love you. I refuse to blame the people that can’t find it in their soul to give me what I give them. I don’t give to get back. I give because I want to and because I can.

iii. Don’t let one person tell you negative things about yourself. One opinion out of a million does not make you who you are. No one paints a masterpiece for you, you are the art piece. You make who you are. You are the artist.

iv. Don’t ever settle. People always feel safer with things that they are used to and comfortable with instead of seeking for the heart pounding feelings and moments that take their breaths away. I never want it to be easy; I want it to be hard to breathe and suffocating when I give something my all. I want to learn how to survive through that.

v. Learn how to say no. No, I do not want to dance with you. No, I do not want to kiss you. No, I do not want to date you. No, I do not want to do this. No, I do not want to do that. Because that does not make me happy and that does not make me feel comfortable, so no. And I don’t need to give you a reason nor do I need to make up an excuse to say “no.”

vi. There are different kinds of people. Don’t always catergorize people in groups because people are not meant to be labelled. Just because one person hurts you, does not mean the ones in the future will. Just because one person holds a knife doesn’t mean the next one will use it. There is good out there; there is good in the world and there is good in people. Not everyone is a monster. I strongly believe that majority of the population is good.

vii. Do not let the past prevent you from living in the future. Do not let the pain and hurt take over. Don’t close yourself up to others just because you have been broken before. Never allow the demons of yesterday to control the beauty that is to come in the future. Vow to never allow it to always be stormy for the sun does eventually shine down on all things beautiful. I am beautiful, and so are you.

viii. You can swim across the world for someone but they might not even step outside in the drizzle for you. Even if you hold the umbrella for them.

ix. Never give someone the power to rid you of yourself. Don’t ever fall out of your routine or lose who you are permanently. That is so important.

x. Love yourself. Learn to love the birthmark on your face, the chipmunk cheeks, the thighs that jiggle when you walk, the nose you think is too flat, and your fingers that are too short. Learn to appreciate your almond shaped eyes, your skin color, the thin hair that doesn’t grow fast, the beauty mark above your lips, and the small gap between your teeth. Learn to love your sense of humor, your laughter, your emotions, your tendency to trust easily, and how happy you always are. Learn to love the way you love others deeply, how you sometimes fear being lonely, the way you enjoy walks alone, and the radiance in your soul. Learn to love yourself at 3AM when you cannot sleep and can only think of the skeletons hiding in your own closets and learn to love yourself at 3PM when you are cranky and unable to get out of bed. Learn to love yourself and come to terms with the fact that you are you, and that will never change.

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Kakatawag lang ni mama tas kinamusta niya ako tas ayun napunta sa point na naaawa siya sa amin kasi wala kaming makain kanina tas ayun nahihirapan na daw siya tas yung sugat niya sa tiyan di gumagaling kaiyak lang :( namimiss ko na si mama

namimiss ko na ang amoy niya, ang yakap niya ang sermon niya minsan lalo na ang presensya niya

sabi niya pagasa niya daw ako para pamukha sa step dad ko na iniwan siya na kinaya niya.

kaya kakayanin ko rin mama

Lord God kung test lang ito … challenge accepted ;)

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

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SWEATurday haha because of the training then we ate at a famous diner in our place then went to Mapayapa to hopefully play agai. volleyball but our hopes crumbled to pieces when we saw the basketball boys playing there. The two of us decided to grab some air so we decided to go to SM Southmall. After that we went to SM Center to play Just Dance and we picked up some fight there with some people who will fight for their turn but in the end we won and they were like omg let’s just watch them na lang~ Hahaha then after that we walked home from SM Center to our house like it’s super far huhu then we went to school to check my atm balance then yeah so tired na haha

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But seriously, these photos are not enough to make you understand these kind of people.

a shot to end the pain :(

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If you can not enjoy the same joke again and again, why do you keep on crying for a mishap of past?

ninong dah
  • Don't laugh because I am a virgin I don't have any experience yet I am educated.


I am sick of telling myself that I am over you. I cried and I considered myself that I died because of the shame you brought me but no, I stayed faithful. I still did love you and I still love you. I don’t know anything about true love because you made me think that true love does not exist even my family doesn’t show it. All I know is that we are raised up to be independent and to raise a family and have a wonderful partner in life but for me no. That’s not gonna happen. I am not attractive nor my smile kills. I know that my words kills. I am not that nerdy guy you might fall in love with. I don’t posses the height many of you desire and yes specially the weight.

It’s weird how long 6 months can be. I tried everything, I flirted with one guy who made me think I moved on but after a month I still long for your smile, for your kiss and your touch and your hands. I long for that immature thought of yours and how silent you are when I throw rants at you. I long for the moments we sat together in the morning listened to our lectures and end the day with the kiss no one must see but us.

It sucks you know, having the knowledge that I can’t have you back this time because you and your girl are so madly in love and here I am pretending that I am okay, pretending I am so over you and hello it’s been 6 months since we broke up.

No immature spoiled brat! I still love you after the long 6 months of vacancy! I confess that I tried liking a guy from the sophomores last school year but that did not work, I felt like I was being a slut. I stopped trying to. I told myself that I deserve someone else. Someone who is the one who takes the initiative to talk to me and to ask how my day was and tell me he just got home from school or maybe walk me home and tell me to study very well. I long for that since I learned falling in love.

Maybe starting too early has it’s disadvantage.Learning to fall in love too early has it’s curse.

Every night, I am stuck wondering if you think of me, as I think of you. There’s this moment where I just want to close my eyes and I want to feel I am not alone that you are still there, waiting for my text messages  and yes I am just the one who still waits until now.

Are you getting my point? Are you now asking yourself how big the impact you caused in my life? I always do and I always wonder if I still cross your mind. 

I am literally thinking if you right now. I know that I messed up, my attitude messes things up but I just want to tell you that I am so sorry.

I still love you baby,

sometimes life gets too boring because you feel no one cares for you and one day you will grow old alone and miserable.



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